My first ever book,Instant Eclipse 4 RCP Development How-to, is published

I am happy to announce that my book titled Instant Eclipse 4 RCP Development How-to has been published by PACKT Publishing. It is a mini-book that describes specific tasks and solutions to build RCP applications using Eclipse 4.

Eclipse 4 has introduced new frameworks, APIs and tools to develop Rich Client Platform (RCP) Applications.  In this book I have taken a sample application and explained how to implement it from start to finish using Eclipse 4 SDK. The book is divided into a number of  focused tasks. Each task builds the sample application incrementally .

Here is the list of tasks covered in the book –

  • Setting up a development environment 
  • Creating a skeleton E4 application
  • Adding menu and toolbar items 
  • Adding views
  • Injecting your own objects using DI
  • Creating a pop-up menu 
  • Creating custom events and handlers 
  • Adding a keyboard shortcut 
  • Creating custom objects using DI 
  • Creating views dynamically 
  • Styling an application using CSS 
  • Customizing and exporting the application

I was contacted to write this book towards the end of last year. Initially it got delayed a bit because I was busy with other things. It was finally published yesterday.

The book is also available on Amazon.

-Ram Kulkarni


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  1. Please kindly suggest me very good books/tutorials on Eclipse PDE,plug-ins and RCP developments/Supports.

    1. When I started Eclipse plugin development, other than built-in product help, I found “Eclipse: Building Commercial-Quality Plug-Ins” book very useful.

      Then there are many resources on (including eclipse wiki) that I found helpful. Here are some of the links –

      Plugin Development :

      SWT :



      Eclipse 4: also has large collection of tutorials.

  2. hello Ram

    the book is available on the amazon in two category Kindle and Paperback

    the Kindle price of the book is 104.50 Rs and the Paperback price is around 1200 rs

    can you please tell me what is the different between these two category so that there is huge amount of difference in the price between these two category.

    Thanks & Regards
    Kundan Saini

    1. Kindle edition is electronic edition. You will need Kindle reader (either Kindle device on Kindle application for desktop/mobile devices). Paperback a hard copy. Content is the same in both editions.

  3. A small question again

    do i need to purchase or does it required any special device to purchase for the PDF file if I buy Kindle edition of the book ?

    or the electronic edition (Kindle edition ) will run on any computer or laptop

    thanks for your help and quick response

    kundan saini

  4. Ram,
    I enjoyed your book and used it to get a quick start in Eclipse 4 RCP. However, I recently converted my code from SWT to JavaFX via changing the RCP application to e(fx)clipse. In the process I ran into an issue with the techniques you use on Pp 45-46 to pass variables. If you publish errata or you publish a new edition, I suggest you look at the e(fx)clipse forum thread for a description of the problem, and the recommended alternative solution.

  5. Hello RAMS and others, pls urgently in need of help, dont know if you can send the ebook to my mail ( I am new to RAP, Will be grateful if you can send it plss

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