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My name is Ram Kulkarni. I live in Bangalore, India.

I have been developing software for more than two decades. I had written my first program in Fortran and since then I have been hooked to programming.

Presently I am working at Adobe as Sr. Engineering Manager for Animate. Animate was formerly known as Flash Professional, but has been rearchitected in few years to add many publishing platforms, like HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, SVG etc.

At Adobe, I also worked in the ColdFusion team for ten years. I joined Macromedia just before ColdFusion 7 was about to release. Since then I have worked on ColdFusion 8, 9, 10 and 11. I implemented many features in ColdFusion like debugger, interface support exchange integration etc. However my most challenging project in Adobe has been ColdFusion Builder. ColdFusion Builder is an IDE for building ColdFusion application, and is built on top of Eclipse. I am the lead engineer for ColdFusion Builder since its first release.

I have worked on a number of technologies; Server, IDE, Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications etc. Through this blog I will be sharing my experience in working with these technologies.

– Ram Kulkarni

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  1. I want to say thanks very much for your job you have made in writing this piece of writing. I am hoping the same effective job from you in the future as well.

  2. Thank you very much for your technical post regarding ColdFusion, also for your great job. I hope you will be continue in posting CF in future as well.

  3. Hi Ram,

    While checking for a crypto solution in JS, I landed in your page. then I checked about you. Good to know about to you, also your passion for technology.
    I just downloaded your call annotation app, i love it. i used to get calls from many of my users, asking for some help, most of the time i don’t need to save their number, but i need to remember who called for what. which i used to do with offline notes.

    now using this, it is very easy to note something about a call… good thinking

    Harikrishnan R
    CIO – airtel broadband.

  4. I want to use select query in existing MSSQL database instead creating new table and then selecting records in cfclient how i can create it. i am trying to create CF mobile app

  5. Hi Ram … just starting Java EE 8 Dev w/ Eclipse (Kindle)
    So far like the clear simple steps / explanations, however, hit 2 snags:

    1. RE: JSTL: Eclipse marks quotes in quotes (single, double or mixed) as an error and if both inner and outer quotes are same (single quote vs double) then gets error on run also:

    Solution seems to be to put outer quotes single (‘) and inner double (“), which does run, although an apparent Eclipse bug still shows error … so your text is incorrect AND probably should mention that Eclipse has a bug.

    Similarly, you need to publish an Errata page for things like this.

    2. Registered at http://www.packtpub.com/support ~ noon today to dl code … never got an email with link (I bought at amazon) … can you ping those guys to do their job in a timely maner? I WILL NOT be buying any more packtpub books if I cannot get the dl’s!!!! Nor recommend to others (quite the opposite.)

    As a final point I (IMHO) should be mentioned by this point in the book (not sure if you get to it later) is that the code can be stepped thru in DEBUG mode (stopping on breakpoints) IF the server is started in DEBUG *and* you right-click and select “Debug As”


  6. hI Ram,

    Hello Ram, I am a motion designer and Animate consultant. I found your article on interactivity with Animate VR360 very interesting.


    I am currently in the process of starting a virtual tour project for which I am thinking of using Animate.

    Unfortunately in this article, the link to the .fla source of part 3 (interactivity) no longer works, would it be possible to get a valid link? It would allow me to see how you developed your visit and start off on a good basis.

    Thank’s a lot.

    Best regard. Sebastien Isaia (France)

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