About Me

My name is Ram Kulkarni. I live in Bangalore, India.

I have been developing software for more than two decades. I had written my first program in Fortran and since then I have been hooked to the programming.

Presently I am working at Adobe as a Sr. Engineering Manager. I worked in the ColdFusion team for ten years. I joined Macromedia just before ColdFusion 7 was about to release. Since then I have worked on ColdFusion 8, 9, 10 and 11. I implemented many features in ColdFusion like language features, runtime, debugger, exchange integration, mobile application support etc. However my most challenging project in Adobe has been ColdFusion Builder. ColdFusion Builder is an IDE for building ColdFusion application, and is built on top of Eclipse. My many blog posts are from leanings from these features. Past few years I have been managing number of a couple of products/projects at Adobe.

Recently I have developed interest in game development and  3D modelling and attempted a low-poly 3D game, Single Wicket Cricket.

I have authored two books, both published by PACKT –

  1. Java Enterprise Edition Development with Eclipse – 3rd Edition (and 2nd Edition)
  2. Eclipse 4 RCP Development – How to

I have worked on a number of technologies; Server, IDE, Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications etc. Through this blog I will be sharing my experiences in working with these technologies.

– Ram Kulkarni

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