My blogs/videos on Adobe Animate

I managed Adobe Animate team for a couple of years and during that time wrote a few blog articles and created feature videos. These articles and and videos were published on Adobe blog and Animate YouTube channels. Here I am just providing links to them –


  1. Adding Interactivity to VR-360 Content in Animate 2019
  2. Creating VR-360 Content with Animate 2019
  3. Exporting glTF from Animate

Download links for FLA files in the above blogs are no longer working. But you can download them from –


  1. HTML5 Canvas Game – A playlist of 5 videos
  2. Creating picture puzzles with Animate

-Ram Kulkarni

2 Replies to “My blogs/videos on Adobe Animate”

  1. Hi Ram,
    I am trying to create the interactivity in VR 360 Animate.
    I found the 3 articles from you are very helpful 🙂
    Just not able to download the FLA 🙁
    Can you please help me?

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