My blogs/videos on Adobe Animate

I managed Adobe Animate team for a couple of years and during that time wrote a few blog articles and created feature videos. These articles and and videos were published on Adobe blog and Animate YouTube channels. Here I am just providing links to them –


  1. Adding Interactivity to VR-360 Content in Animate 2019
  2. Creating VR-360 Content with Animate 2019
  3. Exporting glTF from Animate

Download links for FLA files in the above blogs are no longer working. But you can download them from –


  1. HTML5 Canvas Game – A playlist of 5 videos
  2. Creating picture puzzles with Animate

-Ram Kulkarni

My Last Day at Adobe

After working in Macromedia/Adobe for ten years I decided to quit Adobe. Today was my last day at Adobe.

The last ten years at Adobe have been professionally and personally very satisfying for me. I have worked on some of the most technically challenging assignments in my career so far. Learnt a lot and put my learnings back into the products I worked on.

On the last day when I was reflecting on my journey in Adobe, I recall my interview as a candidate. Macromedia did not have an office at that time in Bangalore and I was interviewed in Windsor Manor hotel. I was the first engineer recruited for ColdFusion in Bangalore. When I joined the ColdFusion team, ColdFusion 7 release was in the final stages. I started with fixing a few bugs towards the end of the release. After that I worked on many features of ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder in the subsequent releases.

Till a couple of months back I was not thinking about quitting Adobe. But then an opportunity came along that was so different from the way I was working in Adobe that I decided to take it up. I might write more about it later.

My best wishes to the ColdFusion team and the ColdFusion community.

-Ram Kulkarni

P.S. I joined back Adobe in June 2015.