Presenting a webinar on ColdFusion Builder – ColdFusion Developer Week

I am presenting a webinar on ColdFusion Builder on Wednesday, 6th June, as part of the ColdFusion Developer Week. I am planning to cover following topics –

  • Setting up project
  • Configuring ColdFusion server
  • Many editor features
  • Debugging
  • FTP & Synchronization
  • Extending ColdFusion Builder by writing extensions

Along with many obvious IDE features, I will be covering many not so easy to discover features of ColdFusion Builder. You can register for this and many more webinars at

ColdFusion Developer Week is happening between the 4th and 8th June. As you can see on the registration page, number of webinars are scheduled during this week. They cover a wide range of topics, from what ColdFusion is and how to code it, to more in-depth topics related to CF10- HTML5, REST, ORM, Security enhancements and more.

If you are a new developer, someone with little or no ColdFusion experience, or even if you have been using ColdFusion all your life, these sessions are ideal for you. The ColdFusion Developer Week provides something for everyone, so sign up now.

-Ram Kulkarni

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