My Second Book Published

My second book “Java EE Development with Eclipse – Second Edition” has been published. One of the reasons I did not post much on the blog was this book. I had been working on the book for the past few months and I am very glad that it has been published now.

Java EE Development with Eclipse - Second Edition - Cover


One of the challenges writing this book was the diverse topics that it covered – Servlets, JSP, JSF, JDO, EJB, JSM, SOAP, REST, Spring, Unit Testing, Debugging and trouble shooting performance and memory issues in Java applications. Separate books could be written, and books have been written, on some of these topics.

This book explains how to develop applications using these technology in Eclipse IDE. The focus is not just on how to use different technologies in JEE, but also on setting up development environment, testing, debugging and deploying applications developed using these technologies.

The book is available on the publisher’s site at

-Ram Kulkarni

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  1. I have bought your 2nd book. In page 123, when I ran addCourse.jsp, I found following error: “HTTP Status 500 – The absolute uri: cannot be resolved in either web.xml or the jar files deployed with this application”. Any pointer where I can fix it? I am just blindly following your direction in the book. Only thing I did extra (not in your book) is to create java folder in src/main and put package after src/main/java. What could have gone wrong?

    1. Do you have


      in pom.xml? Adding JSTL dependency is explained on page #116.

      Regarding the package structure, my sample code also creates packages under src/main/java – this folder structure is created by the Maven project wizard in Eclipse. I would suggest that you download sample projects and try to run them.

  2. Thanks. I actually had it in my POM. However, I notice that I also made the scope as . I deleted this scope and ran again, and the earlier error message is gone. I will now go to next page. Thanks again for your attention and suggestion.

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