AngularJS + JQueryMobile and Dynamic Loading of pages

I was experimenting with using AngularJS and JQueryMobile together and loading pages dynamically. The page loading and routing can either be handled by JQueryMobile ($.mobile.pageContainer.pagecontainer(“change”,“page_name”)) or AngularJS. With AngularJS you can use $route service along with ngView and/or use ngInclude .

ngInclude looked easy enough to start with, but did not turn out to be that easy. I will take as simple example of a login application. If user is not logged-in, the app will display the login page and after successfully logging in, the application will display the main page, with the option to logout. Continue reading “AngularJS + JQueryMobile and Dynamic Loading of pages”

Creating dynamic popup menus with JQuery Mobile

Creating popup menus in JQuery Mobile is not quite simple. I am talking about menu that you might want to display when user clicks on, for example, a list item or a button. Refer to JQuery Mobile documents for select menus and custom menus . These menus are actually drop down lists and in all the cases, the menu has to be already visible.

However this is not what I wanted in my mobile apps. I do not want menu to be visible initially, but want to display it when user clicks on a button on a list item. So I started investigating how this could be done. As it turned out, the menu that JQuery Mobile shows (when nativeMenu attribute is set to false), is different from the select tags that you create for the menu. JQM hides the menu that you create and creates a new (wrapper) menu using div and anchor tags. Option tags become anchor tags in the new menu. This is all fine, but the problem is that JQM does not have any direct APIs to access elements of the new menu. This makes it difficult to attach event handlers to menu options.

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Dynamic loading of JavaScript files

I am working on a JavaScript framework that uses JQueryMobile. The framework can be used for both mobile and non-mobile sites. You can set the page for mobile by calling, for example, enableMobile method. So the framework does not load JS files for JQueryMobile up front. It does so only when enableMobile method is called.

First I tried to include JS file for JQueryMobile using document.write method –

document.write("<script src='' type='text/javascript'><\/script>\n");

However this did not work – the page was not converted to JQueryMobile page, i.e. CSS styles of JQM were not applied to the page. Instead I got following error –
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Passing data between pages in JQuery Mobile

I am working on a JQuery Mobile application which is based on single page template design. In this design, there is one main page in the application and all other pages are loaded by JQuery using AJAX and content is embedded into the DOM of the main page.

I have a couple of pages in the application and I switch between pages using changePage. One of the issues I struggled a bit initially was, how to pass data between pages? The signature of changePage is
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