JavaScript Graphics Libraries

Last year I was evaluating options for JavaScript graphics libraries for ColdFusion Builder ORM extension. The extension lets you select tables from a datasource and displays it in a browser window. You can them configure relationships, table fields, data types etc and generate CFC code. Here is the screen shot of that extension.

I evaluated SVG and Canvas for graphics/drawing in this extension. However Canvas was not supported in Internet Explorer at that time. SVG was supported on all desktop browsers, but Android browser at that time did support SVG (Android version was 2.2 then) . Since this application was meant to be used on desktop, I decided to go with SVG. Fortunately I came across a very good SVG JavaScript library, RaphaelJS, which made drawing and manipulating shapes in the web page a lot easier. I used JQuery + RaphaelJS together in my application. I used these two libraries for my another extension to monitor CF server memory.
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OOP in JavaScript: Class in various Avatars

I have done more JavaScript programming in the last couple of months than I have ever done before, and I have started liking it. I had used JavaScript before, but only for simple use cases like form field validations, alerts or taking simple input. Recently I have been looking at ways to do Object Oriented Programming (OOP) using JavaScript, and what struck me initially odd about it was different forms a function can take and different ways in which you can use them.

Functions can be treated as Class in JavaScript. They can have member variables and methods. I have seen many different ways in which this can be coded
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